Jutta Burkhardt

Yogateacher/ Myoreflex-Therapist®/ Osteopath/ Naturopath / GfG-Childbirth-Instructor/ GfG-Family-Guide

Jutta has found yoga to be a space to breathe, a door to the present moment and a reflection of her own current realitiy. Her classes focus on self awareness, asking you to pause, breathe, feel and hold space for whatever shows up.

As a myoreflex-therapist and an osteopath as well as her personal experience with Iyengar Yoga her teaching is based on lignment, looking after strain patterns together with hands-on-adjustments.

Appropriate use of props ensures students with a wide range of physical abilities and yoga experience a safely access to the benefits of the poses.

She is greatly influenced by Janet Balaskas concept of “Active Birth” which has a great impact on her Pre and Postnatal yoga classes. Following the birth of her three children she qualified as a GfG-childbirth instructor® and teacher for Pre and Postnatal yoga.